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Sight Village Contents and Product Status

July 31, 2007

In this post we give you the contents of the latest release of Infotech and talk about the status of our new products.


Freedom Scientific Seminar

July 19, 2007

Eric Damery presents a seminar relating to JAWS for Windows, focusing upon the support for Windows Vista.

GW Micro Seminar

July 18, 2007

GW Micro deliver a presentation concerning Window-Eyes and the Small Talk Ultra.

Chat with Fiona Dunn

July 17, 2007

Fiona Dunn is a member of the public who dropped by our room at Sight Village to talk to us about how she has found the event to be so far.

Discussion with Sean Farrow

July 15, 2007

Terry talks with sean Farrow who is ixtremely interested in technology concerning his thoughts of Sight Village. In the past and what he is looking forward to this year.

It’s That Man Again!

July 15, 2007

Steve Nutt of Computer Room Services discusses with Brian his plan for this year’s Sight Village event.


July 14, 2007

Terry offers reflections of last year’s Sight Village and looks forward to this year’s excellent event.

Discussion with Matthew Horspool

July 14, 2007

Matthew Horspool, one of the voices behind the newly established ViTech Podcast, talks with Brian about his previous experiences of Sight Village and which exhibitors interest him this year.