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Unified english Braille

July 21, 2007

This presentation concerning Unified English Braille.


T&T Consultancy Ltd to Deliver Presentation to the British Computer Association of the Blind Dureing Sight Village Plus

July 11, 2007


For the second consecutive year, T&T Consultancy Ltd are delighted to be delivering a presentation at the Annual General Meeting of the British Computer Association of the Blind. BCAB’s Sight Village Plus annual event allows its members to experience the huge variety of products being exhibited at the Sight village exhibition and, on the following day, take advantage of a themed presentation relating to a topical issue of benefit to technology enthusiasts and professionals who work with it.


In 2006, we presented a seminar concerning portable media devices, podcasting and blogs. This year, we take the challenge of delivering a presentation relating to the new Windows Vista operating system and Office 2007. We are delighted to be presenting a seminar to BCAB during this well-known annual event.

During the Friday morning, the presentation will include:

  • How Windows Vista differs from Windows XP. This is a substantial topic but will be presented to give people a very useful introduction to how to quickly get to grips with the new operating system and its advantages.
  • How effectively visually impaired people can access Windows Vista using screen-reading technology with JAWS for Windows, Window-Eyes, Hal and System Access.
  • Accessibility facilities built into the operating system which are of benefit to visually impaired people.
  • Vista Speech Recognition technology including reference to our J-Vist product.
  • An overview of Office 2007 including how one can make the transition from an earlier release of the product.

Useful Links

July 8, 2007

We are aware that there are now a number of subscribers to the Blog and Podcast, some of whom are joining us from outside the UK and you are very welcome. We thought the following links may be helpful.


Sight Village is the largest exhibition of equipment and services for people with a visual impairment in Europe, taking place on 17th through to 19th July. It is attended by many worldwide company representatives and thousands of visually impaired people. This link will take you to an alphabetical list of exhibitors, courtesy of the Describe On-Line web site who produce the text guide to Sight Village. Do look around the site as it is full of useful information concerning the event including exhibitor details and seminars.


Sight Village is hosted by the Queen Alexandra College, Birmingham.


The upcoming edition of our Infotech magazine contains a short preview of some of the exciting new products exhibitors will be demonstrating.


Our Sight Village page will let you know how to get involved with the blog and podcast if you wish to do that.


If you wish to visit us at Sight Village, we are located within Room G3.

Sight Village of the Past!

July 15, 2006

Terry takes a trip down memory lane and meanders through our in depth Sight Village coverage from 2003 to 2005.


Sight Village Podcast Launch

July 8, 2006

Terry Clasper and Brian Hartgen talk using Skype about the purpose of the Podcast, web site and Blog, together with outlining the range of offerings at the T&T Consultancy Ltd room during Sight Village this year.