About the T&T Consultancy Ltd Sight Village 2007 Podcast and Blog

This year, T&T Consultancy Ltd are delighted to be offering a truly virtual interactive experience at this year’s Sight Village exhibition, taking place in Birmingham from 18-20 July inclusive.

First of all, the T&T Consultancy Blog and Podcast will provide people with up-to-the-minute information relating to the event. The Podcast itself will we hope contain brief interviews with supplier representatives, highlighting what they have to offer, their stand or room location and other useful information.

In addition, the Sight Village page of our web site, available from our Latest News page and our Home page, will contain photographs and accessible captions of the event. Finally, our Blog available in conjunction with the Podcast will provide links to useful web resources and text-based news concerning Sight Village as and when we find it.


One Response to “About the T&T Consultancy Ltd Sight Village 2007 Podcast and Blog”

  1. Allison Sheridan Says:

    I would be interested in interviewing the gentleman who did the review of iTunes accessibility for my Podcast. I don’t do an accessibility podcast but I like to keep the subject out in front of people so that they think before doing things that exclude people. I’m thinking something on the order of 5-7 minutes to give people a flavor of what it was like before with iTunes, and what it’s like now – is it just a step in the right direction or is it truly usable? I hadn’t realized that an interpreter did exist before, heard on this show about jTunes, which I’m inferring is a plugin to Jaws that helps it talk to iTunes.

    If you have knowledge of how well it works on the Mac as well, that would be of additional itnerest.

    Please contact me if you’re interested, I’m in the GMT -8 timezone, and I have a day job so weekends are best for me.

    Allison Sheridan
    NosillaCast at http://podfeet.com
    A Technology Geek Podcast with an EVER so Slight Macintosh Bias

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