Announcement of Audio Interviews Feature

Unusually, this is a text post rather than an audio one, written by Brian Hartgen.


Well cSUN is now over and later this afternoon I will fly back to L A. It was great to meet so many people who visited our booth to learn about our products, and I was demonstrating them almost until the end of the third day.


I did find a couple of hours on the Saturday morning to carry out some interviews with representatives of other companies which I hope people will find interesting. In the afternoon, I recorded in our booth some narration to surround the interviews, and it should all edit together very well into a programme. I will produce this on Tuesday and upload it. I tried to focus upon some of the new products from technology companies, and I suspect it will edit down into a 50 to 55 minute programme.


So that is to come later this week and I hope you enjoy it.


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