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Interviews with CSUN Exhibitors

March 19, 2008

Brian takes a walk around the CSUN exhibition hall and interviews a number of company representatives manufacturing interesting products.


Announcement of Audio Interviews Feature

March 16, 2008

Unusually, this is a text post rather than an audio one, written by Brian Hartgen.


Well cSUN is now over and later this afternoon I will fly back to L A. It was great to meet so many people who visited our booth to learn about our products, and I was demonstrating them almost until the end of the third day.


I did find a couple of hours on the Saturday morning to carry out some interviews with representatives of other companies which I hope people will find interesting. In the afternoon, I recorded in our booth some narration to surround the interviews, and it should all edit together very well into a programme. I will produce this on Tuesday and upload it. I tried to focus upon some of the new products from technology companies, and I suspect it will edit down into a 50 to 55 minute programme.


So that is to come later this week and I hope you enjoy it.

Close of Friday

March 15, 2008

Brian and terry talk about new products at CSUN, together with Say-MAGic for low vision computer users.

Freedom Scientific General Session

March 14, 2008

Brian introduces and records the Freedom Scientific General Session and talks about the ongoing presentations at the Hilton Hotel being delivered by the company.

Close of Thursday

March 14, 2008

Terry Tracey an Tracey chat to you from the hotel bar after a long day, reflect on the day, look forward to Brian’s posts and sample the local beverage delights.

Dolphin Scripting

March 14, 2008

We bring you a fascinating presentation from Dolphin Computer Access as they reveal a new scripting language which forms part of version 9 of their product range.

Early Thursday

March 14, 2008

Terry chats from the T&T Consultancy booth around an hour into the start of this year’s exhibits.

Arrival In L A

March 8, 2008

As Terry arrives in L A ready for CSUN, we hear from him albeit a little jet lagged!

Official Australian Opening

March 8, 2008

Terry discusses with Scott ahead of the opening of the new Australian offices, we have the official opening itself and audience reactions.

Tuesday Morning

March 8, 2008

Terry talks from the hotel room on Tuesday morning prior to opening the new offices in Australia.

UK Office Opening

March 8, 2008



Brian took a recording of the opening of the new prestigious UK offices. The first segment was recorded outside the new training suite. The second part was recorded inside the training area, comprising a large room with projector, conference audio speakers, and many work space areas for people to use computers when being trained.

Sydney Introduction

March 8, 2008

Scott and Terry re-launch the Podcast, discuss what is to come and give details of the new Australian company from T&T.